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Monthly archive for February 2014

Chesapeake Joins Other Cities in Saying No Dog Tethering

Chesapeake Joins Other Cities in Saying No Dog Tethering

In a move almost overlooked by this past week’s uproar over the death of storied pet pitbull Ozzie, the city of Chesapeake enacted a one hour limit to dog tethering. The city joins a handful of other Hampton Roads cities in limiting, and in some cases, banning

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Pet Sitter Snow Day Darwin Awards

Pet Sitter Snow Day Darwin Awards

Yeah, we said it. It was AWFUL. We detest it and we want summer back. The fleeting moments of happy dogs were the only good thing about the second snow storm, dubbed Leon, by the Weather Channel. Our dog walkers and pet sitters hate snow, because of

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Why Dog and Cat Adoptions Aren’t Free and Other Facts About Rescue

Why Dog and Cat Adoptions Aren't Free and Other Facts About Rescue

We hear lots of thoughts people have about adopting pets, and some misunderstandings, too – especially the one about why dog and cat adoptions aren’t free. Here are some of the more nitty gritty facts about the rescue world you might not have known. Why aren’t they

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Rescue Work

Pet Guardian Pet Service
Pet Guardian is a local rescue organization specializing in saving domestic animals in crisis.

Diabetic Cats In Need
Diabetic Cats in Need is a national organization dedicated to helping diabetic cats live wonderful lives.

GO Rescue
GO Rescue is a local group rescuing dogs from imminent death and rehoming them.

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