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Pet Sitting Cats and Dogs with Diabetes

Roxanne is a diabetic cat, and all-around Head Boss Cat In Charge.

Roxanne is a diabetic cat, and all-around Head Boss Cat In Charge.

Did you know Pawsitively Priceless pet sitters can test blood glucose?

We are experienced caregivers of diabetic cats and dogs, and Marvie and Carolyn both foster and rescue diabetic cats. We know diets, the importance of being on time for insulin and how to inject without the pet even knowing what happened. Even if you don’t know how to test blood glucose in your cat or dog, we can show you how!

Newly diagnosed owners: You can do this! The needle is so fine it slides right in and your pet won’t notice it. They WILL notice your trepidation/fear/hesitation/nervous breakdown, so try to keep that to a minimum. 🙂

Here are some of our go-to videos that we send to clients. That’s right, there’s help on YouTube!

Testing Your Dog’s Blood Glucose

You can see the dog didn’t even feel it. If the lip makes you squeamish, you can test the ear, too.

If the ear or lip method doesn’t work for you, you can try pad testing.

If you have a small dog, you can even test their tail!

Testing Your Cat’s Blood Glucose

This is probably the most famous diabetic cat, Buddy

You can also test paw pads in cats if they don’t want their ears touched

Giving insulin to a diabetic dog

Giving insulin to a diabetic cat

If you have a diabetic cat or dog, we’re your pet sitters! No extra fees for insulin or blood glucose testing and we’ll be there on time.


Rescue Work

Pet Guardian Pet Service
Pet Guardian is a local rescue organization specializing in saving domestic animals in crisis.

Diabetic Cats In Need
Diabetic Cats in Need is a national organization dedicated to helping diabetic cats live wonderful lives.

GO Rescue
GO Rescue is a local group rescuing dogs from imminent death and rehoming them.

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