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Pet Hospice Care In Virginia Beach and Norfolk

When your dog or cat reaches the end of their life, who will help you care for them? Who will understand the feelings of a pet owner facing the last path they’ll ever take with their beloved pet? Perhaps there is embarrassment, or even shame, of spending money on a pet when relatives and friends express astonishment and judgment. They don’t get it, but we do. We know what you see in the eyes of your baby, there’s still a will to live and a good quality of life – even in the face of terminal illness. We know you can’t make that decision when your cat or dog is still so happy at home.

We are experienced in both cat and dog hospice care and we’ll be there when you need us.

We take the time to truly know your pet; their characteristics, behaviors, personalities, quirks and needs. We see past the physical and right into your pet’s personality.

We search out the most subtle changes and report them to you immediately in detailed notes, so that you’re able to present them to your veterinarian. No longer are you “going it alone”.

We don’t treat your babies like they’re dying.

We work in rescue, hospice comes naturally to us.

We can administer subcutaneous fluids, give subcutaneous injections, oral liquid and pill medications and we are exceptional at preparing custom meals. We clean up vomit and other accidents as soon as we find them. Above all, we’re there for your sweet baby, giving him or her the best possible attention available. You will rest assured that your pet is receiving affection, dignity, respect and advanced care in our experienced hands.

We will be glad to accompany you to the vet on the last day. Your pet becomes a part of our family, as do you. Contact us today with your questions:


Rescue Work

Pet Guardian Pet Service
Pet Guardian is a local rescue organization specializing in saving domestic animals in crisis.

Diabetic Cats In Need
Diabetic Cats in Need is a national organization dedicated to helping diabetic cats live wonderful lives.

GO Rescue
GO Rescue is a local group rescuing dogs from imminent death and rehoming them.

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