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Pet Sitters Reveal Top 5 Poop Identification Procedures (PIP)

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Here at PPP, we take our dog and cat poop seriously. At least one of our clients is pretty grossed-out by our extensive poop reports when one of her canine poopers is off-kilter. (Sorry, Mary!) We’ve texted pictures of poop to clients who weren’t expecting to see that on their daily text. We’re super sorry, but it’s our job, we have to always assume you didn’t know, and if you did know, we’re going to work with you to help you figure out what it is.

1. Is it a color seen in nature, or one more normally found in nail polish?

Gosh, the stories we could tell about the colors we’ve seen. We’ve seen a lovely shade of jade green, which after several WEEKS of tests, theories and obsessive thinking turned out to be a sweet little poop-kin raiding a litterbox (think scented crystals). We’ve seen a yellow-orange so bright we needed shades (pureed sweet potato) and we’ve seen everything from gray (that’s reduced liver function), to black (that’s digested blood), to a red tinged stream of yellow (you need a vet, that’s probably an infection).

2. Are we talking pudding or chowder?

We try to nail that consistency down pat before we report. Owners of puppies get a very quick introduction into poop reports as their wee ones are the most likely to indulge themselves (or be indulged!) with foods they aren’t old enough to handle. So you’ll hear all kinds of descriptions from us, and it’ll probably be the first thing that comes to mind, but it will be accurate.

3. Is it containing items not normally seen undigested?

Yep, we have seen balloons, a formerly-bright patterned strip of fabric, one keychain (no key), a toy car, string and yarn of all lengths, lots of human hair, and foods of all types, ranging from corn to rice. Undigested foods are a sign that the digestive tract is moving too quickly, so you’ll likely get a picture from us that you can send your vet.

4. Hey, what is that thing and why is it moving?

The stigma of worms in your dog or cat’s poop can offend a mom or dad when they hear from us what we’ve found. Fret not, it’s quite common and they can be picked up anywhere. Places such as vet waiting rooms, dog parks, the sidewalk, the community fireplug. We’ll tell you what kind of worm we saw, and we’ll try to get a clear picture of it, but best of all (get ready to leap with joy) we’ll bag the entire poop up and leave it somewhere safe for you to carry to your vet. Just for you! We know, we’re just awesome.

5. What’s with the slime? How come it’s so big? How come it’s so small?

We know what poop should look like, so if you hear from us that something is different, please be advised that we’re not going to tell you something unimportant. Either we want you to watch for similar circumstances so you can be prepared to tell your vet what we both saw, or we want you to go directly to the vet. We’re not your mom, we’re not nagging. We’re telling you your cat or dog is constipated, has an infection, has a dire organ illness, or ate something that might require a scope to investigate. If you feed your dog or cat the same thing every day, their poop should look the same every day. If it doesn’t, you’ll be hearing from us!

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