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Ten Embarrassing Things About Your Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Pet SItting and Dog Walking Virginia Beach Norfolk10 Embarrassing Things About Your PPP Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

We love you, but we hate to run into you in Starbucks.

We love you guys. So, so much. You’re our favorite people! You take great care of your pets, and it shows. You even hire us to help you take care of them when you’re not able to be there for them. We get to know each other quite well: you and us. We laugh and joke in text messages, send silly stories in email and banter on our Facebook page. You let us fall in love with your babies, and don’t get all uncomfortable-like when we sometimes always seem to love your pets like they’re our own. Let’s face it, your pet sitter views your pets as their own. We know on the surface they’re yours, but inside, they become our Babies That Don’t Live With Us. Thank you for never getting freaked out by this. 😀

Is that cat litter on my shoe?

So, um, what’s with the scary looking picture? Well, this is me (Carolyn) at about 5pm after early rounds and midday rounds in July. You can clearly see this is not ever going to be a Facebook profile pic for Carolyn Sturgill, Pet Sitter Extraordinaire. I have run into people in their homes, in Starbucks, in Walmart and Petsmart and a lot of other ‘Marts. Thanks for not running away screaming!

Top 10 Things That Embarrass The Heck Out of Us

1. Sweat. Good lord, do we sweat. We fortunately have all found great deodorants (think 48 hour) and carry it in our cars, but that doesn’t stop the sopping wet, clingy shirts!

2. Hair. We’re totally covered in it – cat hair, dog hair, our own hair. This is why we try not to hug people. We really like you, we just don’t want you to match us.

3. Speaking of which, we all have very nice hair. You will never see that because we pretty much have to staple it to our scalps to prevent it from hanging in our eyes or tickling us with damp stickiness all day. Still, chunks of hair wildly resist our efforts at updo’s (ha!) and escape to fall haphazardly and unattractively. Don’t even get us started on the Humidity Fuzzhead Looks – see picture above.

4. We are covered in wounds that we can not identify. We have scratches, scrapes, bruises and marks that appear unbidden to reside in highly visible areas, such as our faces (!) and legs. This leads to all sorts of embarrassing conversations in public. “Where’d you get that hole in your arm?” “uh..”

5. We almost never match. Wonder why we chose the pink shirt and the green shorts? We probably didn’t choose it. Sometimes we might have chosen it, because we’re tired. Other times it is the result of an Unplanned Outfit Change.

6. We have likely physically come into contact with feces, urine and vomit within the last 2 hours. Not like “in the presence of”, more like “wearing it”. This leads to the Surgical Level Scrub Down and Sanitation Procedure, followed by the Unplanned Outfit Change. Or vice-versa. What ensues is mismatched socks, no socks, strange footwear choices, items of clothing that match no other color in the known universe except the color of that item you just removed, and of course, t-shirts in winter and sweatpants in July.

7. This brings us to That Perfume You’re Wearing. It’s Lysol. Or Germ-X. Or Cutter Industrial Strength Bug Spray. Just ask, we’ll give you a spritz too!

8. We can not make it through the day without Starbucks. The Starbucks people know exactly who we are, and what we do, and don’t bat an eyelash when we roll up or walk in, no matter how we look. They all know which of us drinks what and take great care of us. The patrons, on the other hand, know nothing and frequently appear aghast and repulsed. We’re sorry, clean and neat people. Really, we are.

9. Sometimes we cry. We cry when a client’s pet is sick, or dies. We cry when we see an animal hit by a car. We cry when we hear bad stories that have happened to animals. It never fails that we walk right into a client directly after an ugly cry. If you ask, we’re going to tell you we suffer from allergies. Just nod and share your allergy story and we’ll all pretend it didn’t happen. 🙂

10. We no longer have shame. We wear.. Crocs. (You may now picture us hanging our heads.) We have them in many styles, many colors and we just don’t care anymore. We catch ourselves saying “Did you see that cute new color of Duet Sports?” OMG really, did we just say that? Out loud? What has happened to us!! Here’s what’s happened: They wash off with a hose when we step in poop and dry just as fast with a paper towel. They come off in less than a second so we don’t trample poo all over your carpet. They are waterproof. They are comfortable and supportive for our devastated feet and have the traction to keep us from falling on our heads when Rover goes after that cat again.

Thanks for being so good to us, even when we look like something the cat dragged in!

Team PPP

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  1. Your service is dedicated to pet care and your pet parents love you.
    No worries !

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