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What happened to Pet Guardian Pet Services in Virginia Beach?


Where’s Annette??

We have been asked several times, “What happened to Pet Guardian after it closed?” We’re glad you asked!

Pet Guardian closed only one rescue location, the old “Guardian House” address in Aragona, Virginia Beach. We’re happy to report that Pet Guardian is still going strong in Virginia Beach and several other neighboring cities, and providing love and safe havens for many sweet homeless souls. In the current economy, all rescues have been hit really hard getting both donations and volunteers, and the Aragona location became a bit of a financial drag on the charity and less animals were able to be helped with the mounting bills of the extra location. Annette made the very difficult and bittersweet decision to close the doors after the last dog found a home. It was bittersweet for all of us, as it turned out. We at Pawsitively Priceless had spent so much time at Guardian House, loving and caring (and yes, cleaning!), that we had broken hearts too. So many names: Moka and Sammy, Roxanne and Louie, Samson and Simba – so many memories.. But that heartbreak wasn’t to last long!

As these things tend to do, a miracle happened for not only Annette and Pet Guardian, but also for another rescue organization that just happened to be looking for a home in the Virginia Beach area. Through Jackson, a very amazing Great Dane who was boarded at Pet Guardian, Annette met a special couple, Toni and Jamie from Forever Home Rehabilitation Center. One conversation led to another, and next thing ya know, Annette was able to leave Aragona with a full heart, and Toni and Jamie were able to move right into an established location smoothly and continue their terrific work in rehabilitating misunderstood dogs who find themselves lost in life.

So, as these things tend to do, we now will be focusing our energy on volunteering to help a third organization. We were very proud this past year to donate over $400 of our proceeds to Diabetic Cats in Need and Pet Guardian. This year, we will be donating to Forever Home as well. Throughout the year, you’ll likely see wishlists posted on our Facebook page for any of the 3, so if you’ve got something to donate, please let us know, and we’ll be glad to pick it up and take it to them. All 3 organizations are 501(C)(3)!

Here’s some information on all 3, if you’re interested in helping, please let us know!

Diabetic Cats in Need – This organization helps to supply funds and supplies to the owners of diabetic cats who find themselves struggling financially. Additionally, many cats are taken into foster when owners decide not to care for their sick cats. Marvie and Carolyn both have adopted and fostered from this group, and in fact, it was through their work in feline diabetes that Carolyn and Marvie met! Marvie has 2 diabetics, and Carolyn has 3, one is a foster. If you’d like to donate to this group, please use this link. For foster or adoptions, please see their Facebook page.

Pet Guardian Pet Services, Inc. – Providing assistance and networking for animals in crisis for 12 years, these people have rescued and rehomed 1500 animals.. including the most most-posted, Moka! If you’d like to donate or adopt, please see their Facebook page for current information on what is needed and which pets might be available.

Forever Home Rehabilitation Center – Toni and Jamie of Forever Home are renowned for their work with troubled, misunderstood dogs previously in Knott’s Island, NC. They opened up shop in Virginia Beach with a big bang, taking in another near-famous dog from Virginia Beach Animal Control and Adoption Center, King Dobie.  With giant swelling hearts, we’ve watched their Facebook page so proud to have ever been linked to a house where such magic takes place and bad stories are righted: the tradition truly continues with Toni and Jamie. In addition to their rescue work, Toni and Jamie also work with owners of dogs in need of rehabilitation or just plain home trainin’. They offer classes in-home or at their location, as well as programs for more deeply troubled dogs. You can find out more information here. Several beautiful dogs are available for adoption, and after having gone through program work with these ladies, you know they’ll be the Best Dogs Ever!

Most Common Wishlist Items for Rescues:

  • Paper towels
  • Bleach
  • Pee pads
  • Canned food, cat and dog
  • Laundry detergent
  • Trash bags, all sizes, especially 13gal
  • Leashes, harnesses, muzzles, collars, slipleads
  • Beds and blankets
  • Towels
  • Pill Pockets
  • Lysol

Call or text us if you’d like something transported to a rescue! Marvie (757) 553 – 6687 – Carolyn (757) 777 – 5427

  1. Thank-you for this wonderful Update.
    Pet Guardian has been busy building new relationships
    to help animals. We are back to basics with our stay
    at home foster Parents including myself. We have another wonderful veterinarian in Hampton who will make it possible to care for more rescues.
    Thank-you Eagle Harbor.
    We have already takin in over 15 animals this year.
    Pet Guardian will be 7 years old in a few months.
    With miracles, networking and support from community
    We hope to save over 100 animals again this year.
    Thank-you Pawsitivley Priceless Petsitting
    You are Priceless and your dedication to helping is amazing.
    Best for a new year to all.
    Pet Guardian Pet Service In VA.

  2. Thanks for all you do for animals Annette, you are a humble and generous person, and your work resonates throughout this community in the form of goodness and love.

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